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Customer Agreements - 8 mins read

Terms of Service

Our world-class products are designed to meet customer needs, read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Terms of Service

Our world-class products are designed to meet customer needs, read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to ensure they are the right fit for you. Please read in full as it may contain a binding arbitration clause that affects your individual rights.

By using our service you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy, and related subscriber agreement(s) to the extent applicable or permissible by law. This agreement covers in part or adjoining in whole where applicable to related legal agreements published on our website, subscriber agreement(s), contract(s), or document(s) provided in customer offering(s) or related sales document(s), the extent of your relationship with PostageAI, product offering(s), service(s), and related matter therein. The usage of our service(s) may be applicable to any third-party agreements to which consent shall be considered to have been obtained from your use of our service.

Our policies are subject to change anytime without notice. Refer to the information provided in the relevant subsections of each policy.


"Terminology" shall excuse any erroneous placement or lack thereof any plural, noun, misspelling, grammatical, error in placement of word(s), statement(s), or lexical indicators including but not limited to misplacement of any comma(s), period(s), quotation mark(s) or related marks, that may alter the good faith meaning of a sentence, in whole or part thereof, at our sole discretion. This provision shall apply wholly to all parts of our agreement(s) including any word(s), sentence(s), statement(s), remark(s) or lexical indicator(s) not otherwise explicitly noted in this section to the maximum extent permissible by law.

"Service" shall be defined non-exclusive manner as any product, software, software as a service, website, application, in compiled or source code form, design, offering, consulting, advisory, contractual obligation provided by {{COMPANY_NAME}}.

"Company" shall include solely the entity operation of PostageAI ( This term shall be used indiscriminately with the terms "our", "us", "we", "corporation", "website", "operator", "service provider" representing PostageAI or its operations and interests.

"Parties" shall constitute any individual, entity, incorporated or otherwise, that uses our products and/or services as a direct or indirect result. The terms "customer", "receiver" "you", "I", "user", "individual" shall be used indiscriminately or in related context referencing customer parties.

"Use" shall be defined as any consumption, in whole or part thereof, of service(s) offered by the company, directly or indirectly

"User" shall include but, not limited to any parties that use our service, directly or indirectly, as aforementioned.

"Data" shall include but not limited to any information, record, fragment that is processed, transmitted, retained, intercepted, processed or otherwise handled in electronic or physical form on paper, hard disk, solid state disk, or diskette.

No individual term, terminology, sentence, word, fragment, lexical indicator misplaced or deemed illegal by a court of law or arbitrator shall constitute grounds for invalidation or exclusion of any form of invalidation of any part, subsection, or entirety of our agreements to the extent applicable by law.


By entering this agreement you agree to not hold liable and indemnify to the maximum extent permissible by law any Officer, Director, Shareholder, Operator, and related Third-Parties of liability or damages incurred or accrued whether directly or indirectly in relation to the use of our service. No part of this agreement, privacy policy, or related legal agreements shall translate any part of liability to aforementioned entities in this section including those formed during, before, or after a transactional event including but, not limited to any merger, acquisition, liquidation, sale, sole proprietorship, limited liability company, incorporation, business operation, or conduct of any business operation.

Services are provided on an "as-is" basis with no implied warranty or guarantee as to the mechanical fit, finish, operation, quality, uptime, availability or unwarranted termination of service. We reserve the right to terminate services at any time and for any reason without notice or refund for the remaining duration of your subscription, as applicable, and at our sole discretion. Any breach of contract from parties due to non-payment in lieu of payment terms or violation of our terms of service, privacy policy, and related subscriber agreements, parties shall immediately forfeit their use of service and any remaining period of subscription, without refund.

Publishing comments, statements, reviews, or opinions that negatively impact our brand, reputation, or company at our discretion shall constitute an immediate breach of our terms of service and we reserve the right to immediately terminate services provided, without refund.

By entering this agreement you are accepting a binding arbitration restriction that prohibits any enforcement of purported claim, loss, incurred or otherwise, including any form of legal action and consent to an acceptance of a third-party arbitrator to be appointed for the purposes of carrying out your claim in the district of Ontario, Canada, as determined by PostageAI. The maximum payout in the event of a settlement of claim, an injunctive relief, or any other form of compensatory payout of claim settlement is set at capped amount of $5 (five) Canadian Dollars. Under no circumstance shall PostageAI be held liable for any amounts claimed or otherwise exceeding the aforementioned threshold.

In addition, you consent to a non-class requirement of your claim wherein, prohibiting you from entering into or forming a class action claim against us. Each claim must be filed separately and for each individual entity, addressed individually by each claimnant. The claimnant shall solely be responsible for any incurred costs, fees, or expenses due to litigation and shall seek to reimburse PostageAI for the costs incurred, brand reputation damage, and related costs for processing or disbursement of any claims.

Service Scope

Our services are delivered on a global network with no implied restriction as to the transfer, storage, retention, interception, or processing of data unless explicitly agreed to by parties to the service.

PostageAI takes precautions in the processing, transfer, storage and retention of customer data through the use of "military grade" encryption defined as SHA-256 or greater. In most cases, customer data is encrypted with standards including, but not limited to: RSA 2048, RSA 4096 or greater levels of cipher technology. It shall be deemed the customers responsibility to maintain adequate software security, software patches, and updates on their personal computer or device used to access our services to prevent any interference or interception of communications where applicable.


Under no circumstance does our agreement prohibit any customer from doing business as they see fit, including the arrangement of third-party contracts related to the delivery or usage of our service, except for the following clauses. No customer shall itself or by entry (in)directly into a (non)binding legal contract with any third-party to replicate, reproduce, alter, redistribute, or otherwise infringe upon our copyright(s), trademark(s), or other legal rights to exercise our defensibility of intellectual property claims related to our services. We reserve the right to provide our services to any party including competitors of our customers, knowingly or unknowingly, and conduct business in any manner deemed fit to us to the extent permissible by law, regardless of any contracts the customer may have entered into with us, or any third-parties related to the use of our service. The use of our service is non-exclusive, provided in an as-is manner, and provided openly to any customer globally subject to restrictions and (in)direct acceptance our terms of service.

Permitted uses of our services include the following:

(i) The use of our Live Chat solutions in the prescribed and advertised manner for customer communications and business communication, marketing, and sales purposes, (ii) The embedding of software or services on your websites for customer communications through Live Chat or Chatbot solutions, (iii) The creation of live chat or chatbots for intended and legal business communication purposes, (iv) The transfer, processing, and storage of any communications as part of our platform of services offered.

Strictly prohibited and non-permitted uses include, but not limited to: any medium or form of tampering, decompilation, reverse-engineering, study of designs, concepts sources or methods, interference, interception, reproduction, scraping whether automated or manual, modification, attempt or otherwise constituted action or perceived intent of the aforementioned shall be deemed an immediate breach of our terms of service.

Any member, citizen, resident of a nation sanctioned or embargoed by the United States is prohibited strictly from the use of our service. The use of our services by any member of the legal profession, attorney, lawyer, barrister, solicitor, or legal professional, individual(s) or entities acting on-behalf of aforementioned, for any purpose including but, not limited to the purposes of examining our services, designs, concepts, legality, whether or not constituting intent of doing so, is strictly prohibited and a violation of our terms of service. Any individual, entity, or party acting on behalf of a competitor, or related to any individual, entity, or party with a similar product, service, or offering as us at anytime, whether acting directly or indirectly is strictly and permanently prohibited from the use of all of our services, including any part or whole, knowingly or unknowingly, determined solely at the discretion of PostageAI.

In certain circumstances, a software export license may be required to provide and deliver services in a nation whereby applicable regulation requires us to do so. The receiver shall within a timely manner, not exceeding 30 day(s), provide information requested by PostageAI to meet our regulatory obligations, free of any cost or charge. Any user acting knowingly or unknowingly in a jurisdiction wherein a software export license, regulatory restriction, or control from the use of our services applies, shall notify PostageAI in writing immediately, include any the following to identify your use of our service or any recollection of use of our service: IP address(es), account(s), email address(s), name(s), phone number(s) or related personally identifiable information.

Users are required to cease permanently any activity that involves the use of our services upon breach of our terms of service or upon notification or discovery of a violation of our terms of service.

Intellectual Property

PostageAI reserves all rights to intellectual property including content published on our website or. The use of our service in any format or medium grants us a worldwide royalty-free license to reproduce, alter, modify, redistribute, make available publicly or otherwise do as we wish including with respect to any content processed, stored, and/or transmitted through our services. Communications transmitted through our systems do not constitute private information and may be intercepted, monitored, and withheld from its intended recipients without notice. By using our service, you disclose to us information that may be materially sensitive or confidential and accept our terms for the purposes of providing this service.

The clause to encapsulate all intellectual property shall further include, but not limited to: all trademarks, rights, patents, secrets, inventions, methods, processes, source code, software, content, user interface designs, concepts, and published materials all aforementioned constitute proprietary and confidential property of PostageAI.


PostageAI reserves the right to alter, modify, replace, terminate or otherwise update our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and related subscriber agreements(s) without notice, as applicable by law. In an event otherwise requiring notice under applicable law, the parties involved shall provide a provision of 365 day(s) or to the maximum extent permissible, to provide notice for any change to our agreements.

The terms of service shall be transferred to any future parties including but, not limited to any merger, acquisition, individual, or any party directly or indirectly affiliated that constitutes a party or constitutes a user to the agreement. We reserve the right to terminate services for a change in party, pursuant to our termination section. Parties shall notify us for a change in party that constitutes a material change in the transactional benefit of the receiving party or use of our service within 30 day(s) from such an event taking place to be used for providing our service, exercising our agreements, updating billing and accounts receivable(s), or any suitable business matter. The transfer of our agreements to another party that becomes a receiving party shall constitute an acceptance of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and related subscriber agreement(s) including acceptance of any unpaid or otherwise contractual liabilities to us.

By continuing to use our service in any form prescribed by terminology including but, not limited to access, retention, storage, or subscription to our service, parties warrant that consent to our agreements including changes made on or after sign up shall be implicitly obtained. The use of our services shall constitute consent and agreement to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and related subscriber agreement(s) whether obtained explicitly or implicitly including any changes to our agreements that may occur in an occasional or ongoing manner.

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