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Connect Low-Code Chatbots with GraphQL and Variables

Product Update - 2 mins read

Connect Low-Code Chatbots with GraphQL and Variables

Make Chatbots actionable with GraphQL integration for your existing eCommerce and Business Tools. Powered by Low Code variables.

Today we're introducing our open connectivity layer that enables you to seamlessly connect your Chatbot with external data sources and business tools like existing CRMs. Power your chatbot with actionable conversations that make all the difference. Openly connect, use the power of low-code, and deliver memorable customer experiences at scale.


GraphQL Integration for Connecting to External Tools like Shopify using PostageAI

GraphQL Integration for Connecting to External Tools like Shopify - PostageAI

Integrating Chatbots with your existing Shopify store and customer analytics tools has never been simpler. Drag and drop the GraphQL connector to write your own GraphQL query or mutation with external data sources. It's a fully featured HTTP client with native GraphQL and REST API support baked right in. Want to go above and beyond? Specify custom request headers including authentication tokens which are stored securely using RSA 2048, backed by our world-class security focused Cloud engineering team using enterprise encryption, automatically. Plus, GraphQL variables and fragments are natively supported in your request payload.

Never send sensitive data to customer devices again! With the power of Low Code scripting built right into PostageAI you can specify custom variables to read key-value pairs from your GraphQL query or mutation output as simple JSON. New to chatbots? PostageAI changes the game for Live Chat automation with a brand new Low-Code No-Code approach to integrate seamlessly across your entire communication stack. Start building chatbots, today.

It's easy, check this out! Suppose a customer's asking for the status of their order. Just drop in a GraphQL query to connect your existing eCommerce platform (like Shopify or similar). Next, test your query by executing a "dry run" to get back the data response. Third, create your own low-code variable @data(node.status_label) to specify the location of key-value pairs in your GraphQL output and store the result in-memory. Only variables are sent to customers, never your behind the scenes GraphQL API calls.

Low Code Variables with GraphQL Connector for Powerful Chatbot Conversations - PostageAI

Low Code Variables for Actionable Chatbot Dialogues - PostageAI

Finally, have the chatbot send a message like the example above by calling the variable @var(order_status) you created earlier. Customers dislike when Chatbots can't help them. Postage makes it simple to create actionable conversational dialogue flows to power your business with GraphQL and Low-Code approach.

Every millisecond matters in customer communication and our globally-available Cloud infrastructure with 25+ data centers powers your most demanding Chatbot workflows with lightning speed. Minimizing chatbot response times under 1.5 seconds is a big challenge for developers, every second increases the risk of missed opportunities, incomplete conversations and reduces customer satisfaction by 30%. Stop bouncing traffic and start converting with smart conversations every time. We've worked hard to make Chatbots accessible to everyone with a Low Code or No Code approach, the choice is yours.

Build Custom Chatbots Today

GraphQL is supported in over 5,000+ services globally for eCommerce, Product, Customer, and Analytics systems to power your conversational AI workflow. Take it for a spin by finding GraphQL connector in your editor today. Explore our latest product update focused on low-code scripting to make it even easier to build custom chatbot flows.

We're working hard to bring even more open integrations like GraphQL Subscriptions and WebSockets support in the near future. Want early access? Get in touch to express your interest and help shape the future of Chatbots.

Disclaimer - Encryption technology may vary based on Software Export restrictions. We value customer security and use SHA-256 or similar technology in foreign jurisdictions where regulations prohibit export, use, and control of encryption technology.

Posted on 2023-01-31

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Can I connect my Apple Pay to checkout on my phone?

Hey! Where can I find your social media?

I placed an order tuesday, when will I get it?

Do you offer promotional rebates or discounts?

How do I add a card, can't find the link to edit payment?

Where's my order confirmation, I didn't get the email?

What time is your store open until, the one near me?

Hey! I want to buy this, can you help me checkout.

How do I return this item, I just don't like it

What is your refund policy, can I still return?

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